My Book Collection

This is a list of the paperback/hardcover/e-books I own. I will update as I acquire more. Titles listed are various genres.

Last Update: 10/16/12

Accardo, Jus/ Touch/ Denazen/ 1
Accardo, Jus/ Untouched/ Denazen/ 1.5
Adler, Warren/ The Serpent's Bite
Adrian, Lara/ Kiss of Midnight/ Midnight Breed/ 1
Adrian, Lara/ Kiss of Crimson/ Midnight Breed/ 2
Adrian, Lara/ Midnight Awakening/ Midnight Breed/ 3
Adrian, Lara/ Midnight Rising/ Midnight Breed/ 4
Adrian, Lara/ Veil of Midnight/ Midnight Breed/ 5
Adrian, Lara/ Ashes of Midnight/ Midnight Breed/ 6
Adrian, Lara/ Shades of Midnight/ Midnight Breed/ 7
Adrian, Lara/ Taken By Midnight/ Midnight Breed/ 8
Ahlborn, Ania/ Seed
Aleman, Lewis/ The Anti-Vampire Tale/ Anti-Vampire Tale/ 1
Anna, Vivi/ Dawning/ Nina Decker
Ansari, Donna/ New Blood

Anson, Jay/ The Amityville Horror
Armintrout, Jennifer/ American Vampire
Armintrout, Jennifer/ The Turning/ Blood Ties/ 1
Armintrout, Jennifer/ Possession/ Blood Ties/ 2
Armintrout, Jennifer/ Ashes to Ashes/ Blood Ties/ 3
Armintrout, Jennifer/ All Soul's Night/ Blood Ties/ 4
Ashley, Amanda/ Deeper Than the Night
Ashley, Amanda/ Immortal Sins
Ashley, Amanda/ Dead Perfect 

Ashley, Amanda/ Bound by Blood/ Bound/ 1
Ashley, Amanda/ Bound by Night/ Bound/ 2
Ashley, Amanda/ Everlasting Desire/ Everlasting/ 2
Ashley, Amanda/ Everlasting Kiss/ Everlasting/  1
Ashley, Amanda/ Night's Kiss/ Night Series/ 1
Ashley, Amanda/ Night's Touch/ Night Series/ 2
Ashley, Amanda/ Night's Master/ Night Series/ 3
Ashley, Amanda/ Night's Pleasure/ Night Series/ 4
Ashley, Amanda/ Shades of Gray/ Shade Series/ 1
Ashley, Amanda/ After Sundown/ Shade Series/ 2
Ashley, Amanda/ Desires After Dark/ Shade Series/ 3

Ashley, Amanda (various authors)/ Stroke of Midnight
Austen, Jane/ Pride & Prejudice  


Barker, Clive/ Books of Blood Vol. 1
Baker, Scott M./ The Vampire Hunters/ Vampire Hunters Trilogy/ 1
Beath, Warren Newton/ The Death of James Dean
Belanger, Jeff/ Communicating With the Dead
Belanger, Jeff/ The Ghost Files
Belanger, Jeff/ Our Haunted Lives
Bennington, Jeff/ Reunion
Bennington, Jeff/ Twisted Vengeance
Bevill, C.L./ Veiled Eyes
Bierce, Ambrose/ Present at a Hanging and Other Ghost Stories
Blackwood, Algernon/ The Empty House and Other Ghost Stories
Blake, K.C./ Vampires Rule
Bourdon, Danielle/ Bound by Blood

Bradbury, Ray/ Something Wicked This Way Comes
Bradshaw, Cheryl/ Sinnerman/ Sloan Monroe/ 2
Brander, Gary/ The Howling/ Howling series/ 1
Brander, Gary/ The Howling II/ Howling series/ 2
Brent, P.K./The Witch of the Western Gate

Brite, Poppy Z./ Lost Souls
Brown, Sandra/ No Rest for The Dead
Bruhns, Nina/ Sweet Revenge
Bryan, JL/ Jenny Pox/ The Paranormals/ 1
Buecheler, Christopher/ The Blood That Bonds
Burd, Lauren/ Immortal
Burgess, Donna/ Darklands: A Vampire's Tale


Caine, Rachel/ Morganville Vampires: Vol. 1/ Morganville Vampires/ 1
Cantwell, Karen/ Foxy's Tale
Caplan, Bruce M./ The Sinking of the Titanic
Capote, Truman/ In Cold Blood
Carmichael, Kathy/ Your Magic Touch
Cast, P.C./ Marked/ House of Night/ 1
Cast, P.C./ Betrayed/ House of Night/ 2
Cast, P.C./ Chosen/ House of Night/ 3
Cast, P.C./ Untamed/ House of Night/ 4
Chambers, V.J./ Invoke
Chance, Karen/ Touch the Dark/ Cassie Palmer/ 1
Chance, Karen/ Curse the Dawn/ Cassie Palmer/ 4
Chase, Deanna/ Haunted on Bourbon Street
Ching, G.P/ The Soulkeepers
Clegg, Douglas/ The Infinite
Cole, James/ The Real
Cole, Kresley/ A Hunger Like no Other/ Immortals After Dark/ 1
Cole, Kresley/ No Rest for the Wicked/ Immortals After Dark/ 2
Cole, Kresley/ Wicked Deeds on a Winter's Night/ Immortals After Dark/ 3
Cole, Kresley/ Dark Needs at Night's Edge/ Immortals After Dark/ 4
Cole, Kresley/ Dark Desires After Dusk/ Immortals After Dark/ 5
Cole, Kresley/ Kiss of a Demon King/ Immortals After Dark/ 6
Cole, Kresley/ Pleasure of a Dark Prince/ Immortals After Dark/ 7
Cole, Kresley/ Deep Kiss of Winter/ Immortals After Dark/ 8
Cole, Kresley/ Demon From the Dark/ Immortals After Dark/ 10
Cole, Kresley/ Dreams of a Dark Warrior/ Immortals After Dark/ 11
Cook, Kristie/ Promise/ Soul Savers/ 1
Cook, Kristie/ Purpose/ Soul Savers/ 2

Connolly, John/ Every Dead Thing
Connolly, John/ Ghost Road Blues
Cross, Amy/ Dark Season: The Last Vampire
Crouch, Blake/ Run
Cruz De La, Melissa/ Blue Bloods/ Blue Bloods/ 1
Cruz De La, Melissa/ Masquerade/ Blue Bloods/ 2
Cruz De La, Melissa/ Revelations/ Blue Bloods/ 3
Cruz De La, Melissa/ The Van Alen Legacy/ Blue Bloods/ 4

Cunningham, Jere/ The Visitor


Dean, Sierra/ Something Secret This Way Comes/ Secret McQueen/ 1
Dempsey, Diana/ Falling Star
Denault, Mike/ Stone Cold: A Vampire Novel
Dillard, Dan/ Unlucky in Death
Doherty, Heather/ Ashlyn's Radio
Drake, Jocelyn/ Nightwalker/ Dark Days/ 1
Drake, Jocelyn/ Dayhunter/ Dark Days/ 2
Drake, Jocelyn/ Dawnbreaker/ Dark Days/ 3
Drayden, Nicky/ Fire, Fangs, and Brimstone
Duncan, Megan/ Savor


Eden, Cynthia/ Bound by Blood
Eden, Cynthia/ Bound by Sin
Ellis, Joanne/ Spoilt
Essex, Karen/ Dracula In Love
Evans, R.A./ Asylum Lake


Fantaskey, Beth/ Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Darkside
Feehan, Christine/ Shadow Game/ Ghost Walker/ 1
Feehan, Christine/ Ruthless Game/ Ghost Walker/ 9
Ferrell, Claire/ Thirst/ Ava Delaney/ 1
Fischer, Rusty/ Vamplayers
Fletcher, Penelope/ Lunar Light
Fraisier, Anne/ Play Dead
Frank, Jacquelyn/ Jacob/ Nightwalkers/ 1
Frank, Jacquelyn/ Gideon/ Nightwalkers/ 2
Frank, Jacquelyn/ Elijah/ Nightwalkers/ 3
Frank, Jacquelyn/ Damien/ Nightwalkers/ 4
Frank, Jacquelyn/ Noah/ Nightwalkers/ 5
Frost, Jeaniene/ Halfway to the Grave/ Night Huntress/ 1
Frost, Jeaniene/ One Foot in the Grave/ Night Huntress/ 2
Frost, Jeaniene/ At Grave's End/ Night Huntress/ 3
Frost, Jeaniene/ Destined For an Early Grave/ Night Huntress/ 4
Frost, Jeaniene/ This Side of the Grave/ Night Huntress/ 5
Frost, Jeaniene/ Happily Never After/ Night Huntress 1.5
Frost, Jeaniene/ First Drop of Crimson/ Night Huntress World/ 1
Frost, Jeaniene/ Eternal Kiss of Darkness/ Night Huntress World/ 2
Fuchs, A.P./ Discovery of Death/ Blood of My World


Gay, Kelly/ The Better Part of Darkness/ Charlie Madigan/ 1
Gerritsen, Tess/ Freaks
Gill, Carole/ Song of the Vampire
Gillenwater, Sharon/ Jenna's Cowboy
Gleason, Colleen/ Victoria Gardella/ Gardella Vampire Chronicles/ 1
Glines, Abbi/ Existence/ Existence series/ 1

Glines, Abbi/ Predestined/ Existence series/ 2
Glines, Abbi/ The Vincent Boys
Gonzales, RJ/ Mundahlia/ The Mundahlia Era
Graham, Seth/ Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Gran, Sara/ Come Closer
Gray, Lauren/ First Date With a Vampire
Green, Carrie/ Violets are Blue
Guen, Sara/ Water For Elephants  


Haig, Matt/ The Radleys 
Halle, Karina/ Darkhouse/ Experiment in Terror/ 1
Halstead, Jason/ Dark Earth
Hamilton, Laurell K./ Guilty Pleasures/ Anita Blake/ 1
Hamilton, Laurell K./ The Laughing Corpse/ Anita Blake/ 2
Hamilton, Laurell K./ Circus of the Damned/ Anita Blake/ 3
Hamilton, Laurell K./  The Lunatic Cafe/ Anita Blake/ 4
Hamilton, Laurell K./ Bloody Bones/ Anita Blake/ 5
Hamilton, Laurell K./ The Killing Dance/ Anita Blake/ 6
Hamilton, Laurell K./ Burnt Offerings/ Anita Blake/ 7
Hamilton, Laurell K./ Blue Moon/ Anita Blake/ 8
Hamilton, Laurell K./ Obsidian Butterfly/ Anita Blake/ 9
Hamilton, Laurell K./ Narcissus in Chains/ Anita Blake/ 10
Hamilton, Laurell K./ Flirt/ Anita Blake/ 18
Hammaker, Shana/ Charlie (Twelve Terrifying Tales for 2011)
Hanson, Caroline/ Love is Darkness
Harris, Charlaine/ Dead Until Dark/ Southern Vampire Mysteries/Sookie 1
Harris, Charlaine/ Living Dead in Dallas/ Southern Vampire Mysteries/Sookie 2
Harris, Charlaine/ Club Dead/ Southern Vampire Mysteries/Sookie 3
Harris, Charlaine/ Dead to the World/ Southern Vampire Mysteries/Sookie 4
Harris, Charlaine/ Dead as a Doornail/ Southern Vampire Mysteries/Sookie 5
Harris, Charlaine/ Definitely Dead/ Southern Vampire Mysteries/Sookie 6
Harris, Charlaine/ All Together Dead/ Southern Vampire Mysteries/Sookie 7
Harris, Charlaine/ From Dead to Worse/ Southern Vampire Mysteries/Sookie 8
Harris, Charlaine/ Dead and Gone/ Southern Vampire Mysteries/Sookie 9
Harris, Charlaine/ Dead in the Family/ Southern Vampire Mysteries/Sookie 10
Harris, Charlaine/ Dead Reckoning/ Southern Vampire Mysteries/Sookie 11
Harrison, Kim/ Dead Witch Walking/ Hollows 1
Harrison, Kim/ The Good, the Bad, and the Undead/ Hollows 2
Hauf, Michele/ Kiss Me Deadly
Hawes, Jason/ Ghost Hunting 

Hawes, Jason & Wilson, Grant/ Seeking Spirits
Hayes, Gwen/ Falling Under
Heaton, F.E./ Reunion/ Vampire Realm 1
Henkel, Guido/ Demon's Night: A Jason Dark Supernatural Mystery
Hill, Anne/ What to do When Dreams go Bad
Hill, Joe / Heart-Shaped Box
Hill, Joe/ Horns

Hill, Susan/ The Woman in Black
Hoag, Tami/ Night Sins
Hocking, Amanda/ My Blood Appoves/ My Blood Approves/ 1
Hocking, Amanda/ Fate/ My Blood Approves/ 2
Hocking, Amanda/ Hollowland/ The Hollows/ 1
Hocking, Amanda/ Hollowmen/ The Hollows/ 2
Hodgson, William Hope/ The House on the Borderland
Hollcox, Jarrett/ The Bodies We've Buried
Hovey, Joan Hall/ Night Corridor
Hudak, Heather C./ Breathless Cordelia Chronicles 1
Hudson, Brooklyn/ Wishbone
Hughs, Deborah J./ Be Still, My Love
Hunt, C.V./ Danse Macabre



Jackson, Lisa/ The Life and Death of Lauren Conway
Jackson, Lisa/ Shiver/ New Orleans 3
Jackson, Lisa/ Lost Souls/ New Orleans 5
Jackson, Lisa/  Cold Blooded/ New Orleans 2

Jackson, Shirley/ The Haunting of Hill House
James, Aiden/ The Vampire's Last Lover
James, Mia/ By Midnight/ Ravenwood Mystery 1
Jasper, Liz/ Underdead

Johansen, Iris/ The Search
Johnson, Mendel/ Let's go Play at the Adams'
Jones, Carrie/ Need/ Need Series 1
Jones, Darynda/ First Grave on the Right/ Charlie Davidson/ 1
Jones, PJ/ Driving Me Nuts!
Jones, PJ/ The Vampire Handbook
Juba, Stacy/ Sink or Swim

Kate, Lauren/ Fallen/ Fallen Series/ 1
Keene, Brian/ Dead Sea
Keneally, Thomas/ Schindler's List
Kenyon, Sherrilyn/ Infinity/ Chronicles of Nick/ 1
Ketchum, Jack/ Off Season/ 1
Ketchum, Jack/ Offspring/ 2

Ketchum, Jack/ Old Flames
Ketchum, Jack/ Red
Ketchum, Jack/ The Girl Next Door

Ketchum, Jack/ The Lost
Kilborn, Jack/ Afraid
Kilborn, Jack/ The Screaming
Killough-Walden, Heather/ The Vampire King

King, Stephen/ 11/22/63
King, Stephen/ Bag of Bones
King, Stephen & Straub, Peter/ The Dark Half
King, Stephen/ Carrie
King, Stephen/ Christine 
King, Stephen/ It
King, Stephen/ Lisey's Story
King, Stephen/ On Writing
King, Stephen/ Pet Sematary
King, Stephen/ 'Salem's Lot 

King, Stephen/ The Shining
Kinrade, Kimberly/ Forbidden Mind/ Forbidden/ 1

Koontz, Dean/ Frankenstein/ 1
Koontz, Dean/ Intensity
Koontz, Dean/ Mr. Murder
Koontz, Dean/ Shadowfires
Koontz, Dean/ The Key to Midnight

Koontz, Dean/ The Servant's of Twilight
Koontz, Dean/ Watchers
Koontz, Dean/ Your Heart Belongs to Me
Kramer, Naomi/ Dead(ish)  


Lafont, Evelyn/ The Vampire Relationship Guide: Vol.1 Meeting and Mating
Laurens, Jennifer/ Heavenly
Laymon, Richard/ The Cellar

Laymon, Richard/ The Traveling Vampire Show
Lee, Edward/ Monstrosity
Leigh, Sheri/ Graveyard Games
Leroux, Gaston/ Phantom of the Opera
Lewis, Jon E./ Cover-Ups
Light, Donnie/ Ripper's Row

Little, Bentley/ The Association
London, Laurie/ Hidden by Blood
Lothlorien, Elle/ Sleeping Beauty (A Romantic Comedy)
Lovecraft, H.P./ The Collected Stories of H.P. Lovecraft
Lowe, E. Van/ Boyfriend From Hell/ Falling Angels Saga

Lumley, Brian/ Necroscope/ Necroscope Series/ 1

Maberry, Jonathan/ Dead Man's Song/ Pine Deep 2
Maberry, Jonathan/ Ghost Road Blues/ Pine Deep 1
Maberry, Jonathan/ The Wolfman
MacAlister, Katie / A Girl's Guide to Vampires / Dark Ones 1
MacAlister, Katie / Sex and the Single Vampire / Dark Ones 2
MacAlister, Katie/ Much Ado About Vampires/ Dark Ones 9
MacAlister, Katie/ My Zombie Valentine Compilation
Matheson, Richard/ Hell House
Matheson, Richard/ I Am Legend
McCallen, Trish/ Forged In Fire

McCammon, Robert/ Boy's Life
McCammon, Robert R./ They Thirst

McCammon, Robert R./ The Wolf's Hour
McCarthy, Erin/ Sucker Bet/ Vegas Vampires 4
McCracken, Kelli/ What the Heart Wants
McKenna, Kathleen/ The Wedding Gift
McKown, Randy/ The Last Ride
Mead, Richelle/ Vampire Academy/ Vampire Academy/ 1

Mercado, Elaine/ Grave's End
Merz, Jon F./ Dead Drop
Meyer, Deon/ Thirteen Hours 

Meyer, Stephenie/ The Host
Meyer, Stephenie/ Twilight/ Twilight Saga 1
Meyer, Stephenie/ New Moon/ Twilight Saga 2
Meyer, Stephenie/ Eclipse/ Twilight Saga 3
Meyer, Stephenie/ Breaking Dawn/ Twilight Saga 4
Miller, Christina/ Somebody Tell Aunt Tillie She's Dead
Mitchell, Mary Ann/ Sips of Blood
Myles, Jill/ Zane's Tale


Neill, Chloe/ Some Girls Bite/ Chicagoland Vampires 1
Neill, Chloe/ Friday Night Bites/ Chicagoland Vampires 2
Neill, Chloe/ Twice Bitten/ Chicagoland Vampires 3
Neill, Chloe/ Hard Bitten/ Chicagoland Vampires 4
Nicholson, Scott/ Ghost Box: Six Supernatural Thrillers
Night, H.T./ Vampire Love Story/ 1
Noel, Alyson/ Evermore/ Immortals 1
Noel, Alyson/ Blue Moon/ Immortals 2
Noel, Alyson/ Shadowland/ Immortals 3
Novas, Himilce/ Remembering Selena  


Olinger, Chrissy/ My Boyfriend's Back

Pandos, Brenda/ The Emerald Talisman/ Talisman/ 1
Pandos, Brenda/ The Sapphire Talisman/ Talisman/ 2
Pandos, Brenda/ The Onyx Talisman/ Talisman/ 3
Park, Jessica/ Relatively Famous
Parker, RJ/ Unsolved Serial Killings

Partridge, Norman/ Dark Harvest
Patoski, Joe Nick/ Selena: Como La Flor
Patrick, Kealan/ The Turtle Boy
Piccirilli, Tom/ Clown in the Midnight

Poe, Edgar Allan/ Complete Poems
Porter, Ronnell D./ I Was a Brooding Teenage Vampire
Potts, Sharon/ Someone's Watching
Prather, Linda S./ Sacred Secrets
Pressey, Rose/ Rock 'n' Roll is Undead
Price, Kalayna/ Twice Dead
Primo, Jaz/ Sunrise at Sunset/ Sunset Vampires 1
Prosapio, Stephen/ Ghosts of Rosewood Asylum
Pyle, Daniel/ Dismember
Pyle, Daniel/ Down the Drain



Ragan, T.R./ Abducted/ Lizzy Gardner/ 1
Rain, J.R./ Elvis Has Not Left the Building
Rain, J.R./ Ghost Stories
Rain, J.R./ Moon Dance/ Vampire for Hire/ 1
Rain, J.R./ Vampire Moon/ Vampire for Hire/ 2
Rain, J.R./ American Vampire/ Vampire for Hire/ 3
Rain, J.R./ Sin City

Rainey, Jennifer/ These Hellish Happenings
Ramsland, Katherine/ Ghost

Raw, Laurence/ Character Actors in Horror 1930-1960
Reid, Terri/ Loose Ends/ Mary O'Reilly/ 1
Reine, SM/ All Hallow's Moon
Rehder, Ben/ Buck Fever/ Blanco County Mysteries/ 1
Reynolds, D.B./ Raphael/ Vampires in America/ 1
Rice, Anne/ The Vampire Chronicles/ 3 Book Compilation
Rice, Morgan/ Turned/ Vampire Journals 1
Richmond, Clint/ Selena! The Phemonmenal Life and Tragic Death
Roberts, Nora/ Heart of the Sea
Roberts, Nora/ Midnight Bayou
Roberts, Nora/ Vision in White/ Bride Quartet 1
Roberts, Nora/ Bed of Roses/ Bride Quartet 2
Roundy, Shaun/ This. a Vampire Cure for Forever
Rowe, Stephanie/ Kiss at Your Own Risk
Rule, Ann/ Lust Killer 

Rule, Ann/ The Stranger Beside Me
Rule, Ann/ Too Late to Say Goodbye


Saito, Kira/ Bound
Sands, Lynsay/ A Quick Bite/ Argeneau 1
Sands, Lynsay/ Love Bites/ Argeneau 2
Sands, Lynsay/ Single White Vampire/ Argeneau 3
Sands, Lynsay/ Tall, Dark & Hungry/ Argeneau 4
Sands, Lynsay/ A Bite to Remember/ Argeneau 5
Sands, Lynsay/ Bite Me if You Can/ Argeneau 6
Sands, Lynsay/ The Accidental Vampire/ Argeneau 7
Sands, Lynsay/ Vampires Are Forever/ Argeneau 8
Sands, Lynsay/ Vampire, Interrupted/ Argeneau 9
Sands, Lynsay/ The Rogue Hunter/ Argeneau 10
Sands, Lynsay/ Born to Bite/ Argeneau 11
Sands, Lynsay/ The Reluctant Vampire/ Argeneau 15
Sands, Lynsay/ The Immortal Hunter/ Rogue Hunter 1
Sands, Lynsay/ The Renegade Hunter/ Rogue Hunter 2

Saul, John/ The Creature
Saul, John/ The Unwanted
Schreiber, Ellen/ Vampire Kisses: The Beginning 1-3 /Vampire Kisses 1-3
Schreiber, Ellen/ Dance of the Vampire/ Vampire Kisses 4
Schreiber, Ellen/ The Coffin Club/ Vampire Kisses 5
Schreiber, Ellen/ Royal Blood/ Vampire Kisses 6
Shaw, Marty/ Dead Man Walking

Shobin, David/ The Center
Showalter, Gena/ Tempt Me Eternally 

Simmons, Dan/ Summer of Night
Simpson, Patricia/ Spellbound
Sisco, Greg/ Thicker Than Water (Blood Brothers)

Smith, James V./ Beaststalker
Smith, L.J./ The Awakening & The Struggle/ Vampire Diaries 1
Smith, L.J./ The Fury & The Dark Reunion/ Vampire Diaries 2
Smith, L.J./ The Return: Nightfall/ Vampire Diaries 3
Sorenson, Jack/ Spooks and Magic/ Alana Weatherbee 1
Sorin, Katherine/ City of Whispers
Sparks, Kerrelyn/ How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire/ Love at Stake 1
Sparks, Kerrelyn/ Vamps and the City/ Love at Stake 2
Sparks, Kerrelyn/ Be Still My Vampire Heart/ Love at Stake 3
Sparks, Kerrelyn/ The Undead Next Door/ Love at Stake 4
Sparks, Kerrelyn/ All I Want for Christmas is a Vampire/ Love at Stake 5
Sparks, Kerrelyn/ Secret Life of a Vampire/ Love at Stake 6
Sparks, Kerrelyn/ Forbidden Nights With a Vampire/ Love at Stake 7
Sparks, Kerrelyn/ The Vampire and the Virgin/ Love at Stake 8
Sparks, Kerrelyn/ Eat Prey Love/ Love at Stake 9
Sparks, Kerrelyn/ Vampire Mine/ Love at Stake 10
Spear, Terry/ Seduced by the Wolf
Stoker, Bram/ Dracula
Stevens, Mark/ Broadmoor Revealed: Victorian Crime and the Lunatic Asylum
Straub, Peter/ Ghost Story
Straub, Peter/ Shadowland

Straub, Peter/ The Hellfire Club
Strieber, Whitley/ Dark Delcacies/ Anthology of Horror Stories (Misc. authors)
Strieber, Whitley/ The Wolfen
Swanson, Cidney/ Rippler/ Rippler Trilogy/ 1


Tash, Red/ This Brilliant Darkness
Thomas, Ally/ The Vampire From Hell
Thompson, Vicki Lewis/ Blonde With a Wand/ Babes on Brooms 1
Thompson, Vicki Lewis/ Chick With a Charm/ Babes on Brooms 2
Toro, Guillermo Del/ The Strain/ The Strain Trilogy/ 1
Towle, Samantha/ First Bitten
Turner, Jennifer/ Eternal Hearts/ A Darkness Within/ 2


Walker, Robert W./ Titanic 2012
Walker, Shiloh/ Hunter's Choice/ The Hunters 1
Ward, J.R./ Dark Lover/ Black Dagger Brotherhood 1
Ward, J.R./ Lover Eternal/ Black Dagger Brotherhood 2
Ward, J.R./ Lover Awakened/ Black Dagger Brotherhood 3
Ward, J.R./ Lover Revealed/ Black Dagger Brotherhood 4
Ward, J.R./ Lover Unbound/ Black Dagger Brotherhood 5
Ward, J.R./ Lover Enshrined/ Black Dagger Brotherhood 6
Ward, J.R./ Lover Avenged/ Black Dagger Brotherhood 7
Ward, J.R./ Lover Mine/ Black Dagger Brotherhood 8
Ward, J.R./ Covet/ Fallen Angels 1
Warren, Christine/ One Bite With a Stranger/ The Others 6
Warren, Christine/ You're So Vein/ The Others 7
Warren, Samantha/ Vampire Assassin/ Jane/ 1
Wasserman, Jamie/ Blood and Sunlight
Weatherford, Lacey/ The Trouble With Spells

Weaver, David/ The Aslaric Vampire/ Eternal Death/ 1
Webster, Jennifer/ Through a Glass Darkly 

Westbie, Constance/ Night Stalks the Mansion
White, Adrianna/ A Moonlit Night Saga: Episodes 1-4

White, Wrath James/ Succulent Prey
Wisdom, Linda/ 50 Ways to Hex Your Lover

Woolley, M.L./ Dark Passage/ Dark Passage/ 1
Wright, Jennifer Malone/ The Vampire Hunter's Daugher PT. 1
Wright, S.J./ The Vampire's Warden/ Undead in Brown County 1



Yager, Lacy/ Unholy Alliance
Young, Lani Wendt/ Telesa- The Covenant Keeper
Young, Samantha/ Moon Spell
Young, Samantha/ Blood Will Tell/ Warriors of Ankh/ 2
Young, Samantha/ Blood Past/ Warriors of Ankh/ 2 

Young, Samantha/ Shades of Blood/ Warriors of Ankh/ 3


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